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Ventilation and Conditioning


  • Radial (Rotary) Industrial Fans


We offer more than 15 various lines of industrial fans that meet any requirements directly or indirectly.


Aluminum, steel impeller with seaming of plate steel volute, welded with big gasket depending on destination. They fit round and square headers and are design to ease control and operation.


Flow rate to 400.000 m3/h and pressure to 25.000 Pа 100



  • • Axial Fans


These industrial fans have impeller with rotating or fixed blades made of various materials, with axial or transient drive.


They are applicable for polluted environment, flammable liquids and explosive materials.


Flow rate to 150.000 m3/h and pressure to 1.650 Pа



  • Roof Fans for Industrial and Civil Application


Roof fans (of industrial and civil application) are manufactured from fiberglass and plate steel; they are radial and axial, with horizontal blowout, applicable for extract of state air from industrial and civil buildings.


Flow rate up to 34.000 m3/h



  • Condensing Units for Every Temperature Range


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