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Thermal Equipment

  • Heat Exchangers


We offer all types of tubular exchangers – refrigerants, heaters, condensers.


Heat exchangers are of various design types: with fixed tube plates, with floating head, with U-tubes or tube-inside-tube, and can be manufactured from normal carbon steel grade, including steel for low temperature range, alloy steel and austenitic steel according EN, ASTM, DIN and other standards.





Hydrogen corrosion resistant heat exchangers, heat exchangers for usage in technological equipment for hydrogenetive refining and catalytic reforming, heat exchangers of waste heat for rapid cooling of pyrogas as well as heat exchangers for hydrocracking technological equipment form an individual group of products.


Heat Exchangers with Air Cooling


Welded Plate Heat Exchangers (Plate with Casing, Spiral-Type)


Plates from stainless steel, titanium, different alloys. Maximum designed pressure is 100 Bar, maximum designed temperature is 500 ºC.


Spiral-Type Heat Exchangers



Spiral-Type Heat Exchangers are designed for “complicated” fluids that are mudding, viscous, contain suspended particles, slurry, waste waters, hostile and biphasic mediums, and also should condensate and evaporate in conditions of allowable pressure fall lows.


Divisible Plate Heat Exchanger

Immersed Heat Exchangers





  • Air Cooling Units


We offer evaporative coolers that can be switched from damp operation to dry one. We supply customized coolers manufactured according international standards, construction rules and regulations and operative rules and directives. Coolers and heat exchangers are of a wide range of various ribbed forms and collectors, manufactured from any material or combination of required materials.


We offer the following list of services:


-possibility of technical realization and effectiveness of researches;
-conceptual engineering;
-global technical engineering;
-detail technical design;
-material and technical support;
-manufacturing, assembling and installation.


We offer wide range of air cooling heat exchangers configurations to meet any desires and requirements of Client.


Mini Cooling Towers


Cooling towers range meets any requirements for dimension and operating parameters. Module and parameterize assembling of cooling units allows to reduce time required for an individual project and to increase reliability of offered solutions.


We offer:


-single block module cooling towers for all types of industrial units. There is a wide range of models with heating power from 55 to 460 kW.
-cooling towers for systems with evaporative units, applied in food industry and in all critical processes of industrial manufacturing;
-induced air draft cooling towers with current flow;
-cooling towers with steel or fiberglass structure for industrial application with average or average-high flow rate;
-induced air draft cooling towers made of rose on-site or assembly reinforced concrete for application at major industrial objects;
-induced air draft cooling towers made of rose on-site or assembly reinforced concrete for application at small or medium units.


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