Meeting challenges of today’s oil-and-gas and energy industry

Process equipment


  • Pipeline Valves:

    Check Valves
    Control Valves
    Return Valves
    Globe Valves
    Gate Valves


  • Thermal Equipment:

    Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Heaters
    Air Cooling Units
    Mini Cooling Towers


  • Pumping equipment:

    Pumps of API-610(ISO,ANSY) Standards
    Jet-Type Pumps
    Multistage Steam-Jet Vacuum Systems
    Mud Pumps
    Discharge Mud Pumps
    Discharge Pumps
    Pumps with Doused Seal
    High-Pressure Pumps
    Pumps for Chemical Production
    Pumps for Gravel Blend


  • Ventilation and Conditioning:

    Radial Fans
    Axial Flow Fans
    Roof Fan
    Condensing Units for Every Temperature Range



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