Meeting challenges of today’s oil-and-gas and energy industry

Combustion equipment

CJSC “Energopromservice-Engineering” is a commercial agent of “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” within the Russian Federation and is authorized to supply company’s production i.e.: burners, flares, thermal oxidizers and other combustion equipment and to provide services.

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” (USA) is a global leader in the sphere of combustion equipment and solutions for hazardous emissions minimization.

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” provides full range of services such as engineering, assembly and start-up of the most up-to-date burning equipment, as well as turnkey systems.

Innovation and technologies are the keys to “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” production. The value for the equipment is created by its technical features. Due to experienced maintenance specialists, proper assembly at the installation site and top performance of the equipment throughout the service life can be reached.

Our range of products:

  • Burners
  • Flare units of any type
  • Thermal oxidation systems
  • Catalyst systems
  • Spare parts, tools, accessories and works at the site

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” has a wide experience in manufacturing of burner devices and uses technologies that are currently the most advanced. “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” burners provide a possibility to use different types of fuel. Moreover, better flame characteristics are achieved (reduced length, diameter, increased density, high stability, no deflections), and the emissions (including NOx) not only meet highest environmental requirements but exceed them. While constructing new technologies and equipment the burner design group works in cooperation with customers.


  • Furnaces for oil and gas industry
  • Reforming furnaces
  • Coking-heaters
  • Coke furnaces


  • forced and natural draft
  • conventional and low NOx
  • gas, liquid or combination
  • ambient or preheated forced draft
  • radiant wall
  • pre-mix applications

Speciality burners:

  • ultra low NOx
  • low Btu gas burners
  • vertical up or down and horizontal fired
  • flexicoker gas (100% combustion efficiency)

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” develops flares and vapor control systems that are designed to match the customer’s specifications, process criteria and performance requirements. The flare equipment functions at optimum levels meeting international environmental standards while safeguarding plant and terminal operations.


  • hydrocarbon processing
  • oil & gas production
  • steel industries
  • carbon black industries
  • petrochemical industries
  • offshore/onshore production
  • terminals

Flares and Flare Systems by “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.”:

  • Pipe flare
  • Multipoint smokeless flare
  • Steam smokeless flare
  • Ultra low-noise steam flares
  • Totally enclosed ground flares
  • HP gas assisted flare
  • Air assisted flare
  • Low blue flare
  • Pit burners
  • Portable flare
  • Offshore flare
  • Production flare

Associated Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Knock-out vessels
  • Liquid seal vessels
  • Ignition systems
  • Pilot monitors

Thermal Oxidizer Systems and Incinerators include:

  • Fume incinerators
  • Tall gas incinerators
  • Halogenated waste incinerators
  • Low NOx system
  • Down-fired incinerators
  • Catalyst oxidizers

An experienced thermal oxidizer engineering group focuses on meeting customers’ individual requirements. The broad base of incinerator designs and wealth of experience allow “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” to evaluate customers’ environmental problems and provide custom designed solutions for specific situations.


  • Fume and vent streams
  • Sulfur tall gas streams
  • Carbon black tall gas streams
  • Wastes containing salts
  • Halogenated organic wastes
  • Nitrogen bearing wastes
  • Acrylonitrile process wastes
  • Spent solvents
  • Pharmaceuticals plant wastes
  • Petrochemical plant wastes
  • Hazardous waste streams

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” Catalyst systems can help you reduce levels of NOx, CO and hydrocarbon emissions for Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems and Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR). Each catalytic system is custom designed to meet each clients’ individual operational and emissions specifications.

Power installations:

  • Flow distribution device
  • Ammonia injection grid
  • Catalyst and associated equipment
  • Silencing equipment
  • Ammonia vaporization/flow control
  • Outlet stack with EPA test ports

Process Installation:

  • Dilution air system
  • Catalyst and associated equipment
  • Ammonia vaporization
  • Inlet/exhaust ducting
  • Reheat burner (as required)

Field service and parts

The value of “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” equipment is dependent on performance. “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” experienced field service personnel are dedicated to ensuring that the equipment is installed properly and operated with maximum efficiency throughout its functional life. “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” provides full-service spare parts for companies own and other manufacturers’ equipment. Existing components can also be replaced with “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” parts or equipment can be upgraded to enhance performance.

Our Services:

  • Turnkey installation
  • Operator training
  • Turning for optimum performance
  • Troubleshooting equipment performance
  • Individual part replacement
  • Retrofitting for enhanced performance

“CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” consistently leads the industry by setting the standards for maximum performance and minimum emissions. “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” fabrication and manufacturing is certified ISO 9001:2008 in USA and China.

Because of our expertise, innovation, flexibility and emphasis on customer service, “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” has been selected on multiple occasions to work in cooperation with our clients to develop cutting-edge equipment and solutions to specific process challenges and needs. “CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES L.L.C.” clients are Lukoil, BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, Dow Chemical, BASF, Chevron and many other world-known companies.

Ultra Low NOx
Ultra Low NOx
Flat Flame Low NOx Burners
Flat Flame Low NOx Burners
Demountable Derick Flare
Demountable Derick Flare
Multipoint Steam Flare
Multipoint Steam Flare
Totally Enclosed Ground Flare
Totally Enclosed Ground Flare
Multipoint Smokeless Flare
Multipoint Smokeless Flare
Multipoint Smokeless Flare
Thermal Oxidizers
Thermal Oxidizers
Low NOx Thermal Oxidizer
Low NOx Thermal Oxidizer
Thermal and flow computer simulations
Thermal and flow computer simulations are used in each system we design


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