Meeting challenges of today’s oil-and-gas and energy industry

Compressor units and spare parts

Within the area of compressor technologies we provide unified and integral system solutions for all areas of oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and power industries.

As an official dealer and packager of Ariel company we project, supply and instal customized compressor equipment. We supply wide range of production from transport compressors appropriate for use on fields to huge multiple high-duty stage compressors for subsurface storages or pipelines.

Moreover we provide long-term after-sale services i.e. supply of replacement parts, repairing, technical servicing, consulting and modernization.

Our staff includes experienced design engineers, production engineers and electrical engineers, project managers, technical experts who conduct well-coordinated work at all stages. Most of the staff has more than a decade of work experience in the sphere of compressor equipment, which is a guarantee of reliable engineering service and successful execution of a project.

Company products:

  • Underground natural gas storage facilities.
  • Gathering stations.
  • Gas pre-pressurization compressors for power plant applications.
  • Transport compressors (pipeline application).
  • CNG/biogas compressor facilities.
  • Compressors for chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Air compressors.

Company services:

  • Process layout calculations.
  • Stress analyses and strength testing of pipeline systems.
  • Working with public authorities, e.g. permitting processes and safety analyses.
  • Installation and start-up of old equipment.
  • Studies related to the planning, pipeline systems and piping assemblies cost calculations.
  • Drawing up and assessment of specifications and lists of requirements.
  • Material lists and cost calculations estimates.
  • Flow charts, pipe plans and instrumentation plans.
  • Facilities and pipe plans of each type in 2D and 3D measurement.
  • Planning of construction activities, from initial designs to commissioning and documentation.


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