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Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Natural draft cooling towers operate on the stack effect which causes the hot air in the tower to rise (natural draft). Wet natural draft cooling towers are used mainly for electrical energy industry, but can be used for other industrial objects. Such towers allow the cooling of high water volumes and are designed both from concrete and metal structures.




  • No energy consumption for fans operation
  • No recirculation
  • Low costs of maintenance and spare parts
  • Low thermal energy waste




  • Higher investment costs
  • Large overall dimensions that could cause difficulties with area aesthetics and requirement of large areas for tower installation


Circular mechanical draft cooling towers are natural draft cooling towers equipped with fans. The fans are installed at the air inlet for forced-draft air movement or on a deck above the fills to induce air flow. Increased air velocity, caused by the installation of fans, allows a compact design. Circular mechanical draft cooling towers are used both for power station and for process cooling applications.




  • Investment costs are lower in comparison with natural draft cooling towers
  • No recirculation
  • Low energy consumption for fans operation due to stack effect




  • Energy consumption for fans operation
  • Still rather high investment costs
  • Costs of technical maintenance and spare parts



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