Meeting challenges of today’s oil-and-gas and energy industry

About Us

CJSC “ENERGOPROMSERVICE-ENGINEERING” is an official representative of foreign manufacturers in supplies of high-quality equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.


The company has been implementing complex projects in such spheres as:




We offer the best equipment of leading world manufacturers


Our company specializes in: energy sector, petroleum chemistry, oil and gas businesses.

Area of business:

  • Supplies of compressor stations based on Ariel piston compressors within the Russian Federation and CIS
  • Our company distributes Callidus Technologies by Honeywell production within the Russian Federation and is authorized to make supplies which include burners, flares, thermal oxidisers and other combustion equipment
  • Representative of pipeline fitting manufacturer Hawa Valves
  • Representative of power equipment manufacturer Ravi Industries


Our services


Our company has been rapidly developing and now offers complex services on engineering support and packaging, including:



 selecting equipment at the design stage


 supplying equipment from any country of the world


 installation and commissioning


 warranty and post-warranty support


 training of personnel to work with new equipment etc.


As official Russian representatives of a number of foreign manufacturers we take wide scale measures to select and promote products, i.e.:



 we actively participate in tenders of big corporations


 we go on business trip and make presentations for customer technicians at site


 we participate in exhibitions and conferences with manufacturers to promote brands


Equipment selection at the design stage:



 due to long term experience of cooperation with leading design institutes we select equipment that is maximum suitable for the customer and that meets requirements of the current world standards



 we conduct complex supplies from the biggest world plants within the shortest time


 excellent operation of installed equipment is evidence of quality and reliability of supplied equipment


Erection, startup, commissioning:



 our experienced engineers conduct high-quality erection, supervision, installation and commissioning


 we combine our own personnel with outsourcing from the biggest construction and erection organizations


 we provide warranty and post warranty support and personnel training for running new equipment


 we provide high quality within the shortest time possible



 We will be glad to offer you complex solutions to meet your demand in industrial equipment! 


 We are sure that we will be your reliable and valuable partner!


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